Special Dog Show MIMMO DAY Padova (IT)| 24.01.15

In order to not forget the loyal and passionate dog lover who was, the friend who was full of life, always ready to give a smile, to joke about the others and before that on himself , the onest expo man, correct and engaging.

He passed away soon, too soon, leaving in all those who knew him a huge empty space, which all of esteem and warm participation are testimony. Just the fair spirit of Mimmo and his passion for the breed wants to be the theme of this trophy, which wants to keep his memory alive, year by year. With the colaboration of the Paduan Cino Group, we thought of establishing this trophy, that will be awarded to the best of breed Jack Russell Terrier ( BOB ), during the Dog Show which will take place at the International Fair of Padua the day 24.01.2015 ( Sponsor of the event Royal Canin)